Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My grandson got bullied at school this week. A kid told him on Friday that he was going to beat him up on Monday. When Kai went to the bathroom on Monday the kid punched him in the head and belly several times in front of another kid. The second kid said Kai needed to be beat up because he has never been beat up before. Then yesterday the kid beat him up again in the bathroom.
Both Ron and I had big feelings about this situation. We love Kai so very much. Kai goes to an inner city school. He is ten. He is very tall, thin, blond, bookish, dreamy and polite.  His nature is not that of a fighter. There is such a difference between fighting and defending yourself. Kai isn’t interested in fighting at all. Yet he learning how to defend himself. Just as anyone can.


  1. Unfortunately that is true Mary. But those kids who beated him, who is taking care of them, why this agressivity in such a young kids, one can feel the lack of love and care for them. Of course Kai will need to know how to defend himself, but I think the other kids need Aikido much more than Kai. I'm sure that you will explain Kai the difference of having a loving home as he has and the careless home the other have.

  2. Thank you for the great comment in Yurusu!
    Take care