Sunday, October 30, 2011

Falter, thanks Alexis.

It really is still fall, or Autumn. We have 17 inches of snow that is a beautiful contrast to the red yellow, green and brown leaves that still cling to the deciduous trees. I can almost hear the trees whining " Alright already, Mr. Sun, shine on me and melt this frigging snow so I can stand up straight again!" Some of the trees have just laid their branches down, too weary to hold them all up with weight of snow on the leaves. Main St., Great Barrington has shattered pear trees all over the sidewalks.

I accept what is. Snow in October is one of the blessings of living in New England. It is not an ordinary occurrence but it happens. It creates mystery and beauty. The sky this morning was October blue with bruised storm clouds, a little late in leaving. The sun shines on little snow showers as the branches shake and return to straightness. The mountains are dark green and yellow and white all accentuated by brilliant sun light. Not a sight I am used to but lovely just the same.

Uke tells nage where to go, nage goes, uke follows, all without a sound or moving on the outside.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

conflict and me

It's raining this morning. The leaves are colorful and muted. My morning walk was only partly accompanied by others in my head. Prayer and quiet time left me alone with god and nature on my path that wind through my yard, then in and out of the woods.

Yesterday was one of those days that rise up and the winds blow in circles and months of something gets said. Speaking up is uncomfortable for me. I do it anyway. Aikido training teaches me that it is just that; training. My actions are not reprehensible nor should I be ashamed of myself as one gentleman told me I should be. I can just do my best.

I have noticed that the discussions on Aikiweb are constantly being derailed. Hardly anyone talks about Aikido anymore. Anyone that tries to gets called politically correct or too sensitive. I think about leaving and have taken a couple of breaks, yet, I want community.

I like John Stevens’ translations; I like Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. I know people can develop inner strength without competition. I know that the peacefulness of Aikido does not have to drop because you are afraid that other people will beat you up. This warring culture of MMA and corporate greed needs peace. I love the Daily Doka. I appreciate Jun’s efforts in keeping Aikiweb a place for everyone’s point of view. I renew my effort to stay on my side of the street. If I don't want get stung I need to keep my hands out of the wasp's nest.

Listening with my body, I perceive through my center, my mind rests.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

second base?

We used to have a gentleman that trained with us that was so much fun to train with. He had a self deprecating air. He could see himself and chuckle. I miss him. I see he is still training at another dojo in another state. We have exchanged pleasantries on the internet but that was it.
I notice myself feeling sad about that sometimes. We have had a dojo for a long time; Ron for 30 years and me for 19. We have seen a lot of students come and go. Some I am glad to see go and others stay with me after they leave.
This gentleman sometimes slipped into baseball mode. He would act like he was playing second base and start hopping around and getting syked. After being gently reminded that this was another way to be he would notice himself and change.
Ah, nostalgia… back to the present. The seasons are changing…the leaves are in full color. The light is slanting and magnificent.
We have class tonight. Classes have been small and really fun. Technique is changing and expanding in and out of self- defense and ki development. I accept what is and move on. Maybe the time of teaching beginners has ended and this is a new phase. I accept.