Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall into

Fall comes early in the Berkshires. “Summer of shiho nage” is coming to a close. The rains of Tropical Depression Lee have subsided for the moment leaving the woods washed and shiny. Poison ivy and red berries are contrasting green and red, foreshadowing holidays to come. The end of summer light is slanted and forgiving. Mushrooms parade on rotten logs, their subtle tans and browns muted by the green of again, poison ivy. The “summer of shiho nage” has really deepened my understanding of the technique as uke and nage. I am relaxing more as uke and extending ki with my whole self not just my hands as I enter as nage.
As the “fall of the earnest uke” begins I will again commit to an idea and train through that idea. I noticed this summer when students were reminded to attack in a more committed way, they did so. So my idea “fall of the earnest uke" was born. Some people are naturally good ukes. They understand the give and take nature of aikido training. Others are good nages and need encouragement to really understand the nature of attack and then follow like you don’t know what is going to happen. I delight in this challenge and look forward to what we will learn this fall. I anticipate days filled with color and soft autumn light. There is no place like the Berkshires in the fall.