Friday, August 15, 2014

No, I am right....

Whenever we say "No, I am right," we stop the flow of communication...when we insist that uke move this way or that way by force uke will resist and get stiff. It becomes a battle of wills and the stronger physical person will win. They will be right.

Aikido is being open to what is and what will be. Uke attacks. I let uke move within the bounds of suggestion and encouragement. By adding my own energy and providing direction the throw is accomplished.

 Am I right? Maybe... maybe not...yet it feels so much better than forcing my way on someone else.


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  2. Hi Mary,
    I will put my comment again, as Ron wrote me. I said that it was no coincidence that I thought about that latetly, about being right, it is like winning and Aikido is not about winning, so it is not about being right, Aikido is about understanding and blending, thank you for you thoughtful article.

  3. Hi Carina,
    I agree. I would rather hear another person's point of view and relate to it than agree on everything. You are most welcome and I hope you are well.

  4. Yes, thanks I'm very well, I shared your article also in Graham's Group in Facebook, he liked it too. Sometimes we have good exchange of ideas, I'm also member of E-budo