Thursday, August 16, 2012

sexist and ignorant

Recently I was told I should be spanked for a comment I made to a man on AikiWeb. I found that really offensive. Would he have said this to a man? I think not. I am not a child or a second class citizen who trains. I have been training for 25 years, teaching for 21. My commitment to Aikido is solid. I am going on record in my blog to say that saying a woman should be spanked because you don’t like what she said is sexist and ignorant.


  1. Dear Mary, I'm very sorry about that, but please think in the story of the wise master who was insulted, his students asked him to reply and he told them: Why, if somebody gives you a present and you don't take it, whose gift is it?
    By the way, wanted to tell you that even the members I had that discussion with to get that warning, told me that they didn't think that they were insulted by me, but the warning is still there, is was the administrator's fault, but he does not recognize it. For me the forum does not exist any more.