Tuesday, October 25, 2011

second base?

We used to have a gentleman that trained with us that was so much fun to train with. He had a self deprecating air. He could see himself and chuckle. I miss him. I see he is still training at another dojo in another state. We have exchanged pleasantries on the internet but that was it.
I notice myself feeling sad about that sometimes. We have had a dojo for a long time; Ron for 30 years and me for 19. We have seen a lot of students come and go. Some I am glad to see go and others stay with me after they leave.
This gentleman sometimes slipped into baseball mode. He would act like he was playing second base and start hopping around and getting syked. After being gently reminded that this was another way to be he would notice himself and change.
Ah, nostalgia… back to the present. The seasons are changing…the leaves are in full color. The light is slanting and magnificent.
We have class tonight. Classes have been small and really fun. Technique is changing and expanding in and out of self- defense and ki development. I accept what is and move on. Maybe the time of teaching beginners has ended and this is a new phase. I accept.

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