Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The other day the sun made long blue shadows on the fresh white snow. Today we have a wintry mix. The light is even and duller, no shadows, just soft hues of grey, brown, green and blue accented by white snow.

Ukes are like that. Each day, each uke brings new opportunities to relax, blend and explore. Assumptions can be acknowledged and then let go. When resistance is met I relax more, I turn or enter as I blend and down they go. Each time I choose to stay with, to let my center return, to be committed to my uke, my practice, my growing centered feeling. I watch. I notice. I feel. I continue. No matter what my mind might think, my center knows better.

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  1. The long blue shadows are back, stretched out long and lonely on snow broken by tiny squirrel tracks. The sun shines on snow sparkles still clinging to the evergreens. Melancholy dances in my soul.
    Yesterday in our small child and parent class I watched a young girl fight for her composure when technique touched a sensitive spot. She struggled to not cry. We let her be yet still included her. Soon she suggested a rowdy game of “steal the tail” to finish class. We ended sweaty and laughing. Seeing her pain, reminds me of the cruelty of the world. Providing space for healing, however small, seems important.