Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All That is Required

Enter and turn is all that is required
Even if I don't know what comes next.
The result will be whatever it is
It is that moment of blending
The fit of uke and nage that matters

Sometimes in aikido (and in life) I think I have to know the outcome. I try to impose my will and make uke do what I think they are supposed to. When that has happened to me as uke it feels uncomfortable, forced. The moment of "aikido" is lost and it becomes more martial than art, even if it is both. When those moments arise I know I am being offered a gift. A chance to experience freedom from preconceived notions of endings. The end result of the throw or pin is just the last part of something greater and bigger than my or uke's actions. It is the fit, the coming together of our energies that matters . I only need to show up, to have and open mind, to let go of my agenda. Enter and turn. the end result will be aikido.

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